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Bacall Associates: Watch Out for These Airline and Hotel Travel Scam Online Booking

While booking plane tickets and hotel rooms can be pretty straightforward, it’s important to know exactly who you’re dealing with. At first glance, some websites may seem like the real deal, but they’re not. Peter Greenberg explains how to recognize when a site is running a scam—and gives his advice on how you can avoid them. Online Hotel Booking Scams

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Al Lamb's Dallas Honda: 2014 Honda Shadow Spirit 750

It doesn’t take more than the first few seconds on the Spirit 750 to feel how brilliant of a machine it is. And no wonder: The Shadow Custom Motorcycle is a perfect combination of performance, comfort and Honda technology, all wrapped sleekly into a sporty cruiser package. The V-twin engine provides the power and beautiful hum for all the fun. In between you’ll find a...


Meir Ezra: No Fear

Meir Ezra - If you were afraid of nothing, what goals would you set?

Fear stops success. For example, a man who wants to get married, but is afraid of women, will probably not get married. His fear stops him from reaching his goal.

If you want to run a business, you will fail if you are afraid of making big decisions. If you want to be a doctor, you cannot be afraid...